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What some people are saying about Salsa Talks!...

“Salsa Talks is the beginning not the culmination. This music has traveled from
Africa to Cuba to the Americas…. this is truly a gift of a book and it allows you to enjoy a look
at a beautiful world that's full of passion, sabor and rhythm. A must have for all those
that want to understand the future. This is the real deal.”

Edward James Olmos Actor, Director, Advocate

“Never before has the story of Latin music’s top performers been more brilliantly presented
in words and pictures as they are in this volume. Confucius said that a picture is worth
a thousand words. According to that criteria, Mary Kent’s publication of some
400 pages and 150 photographs is worth 150,000 words.”

Frank M. Figueroa Latin music historian

“I'm so excited to see that the story of our music, our struggles and our triumphs
will finally be told from the musicians’ point of view.”

Pedro Knight Musical Director for Celia Cruz

“What a wonderful concept, a refreshing change of pace from the more straight-laced, historical or musicological fare. You have a winner here. Readers will have the intimate encounter with some of salsa music's best, and realize they were (or are) in fact, human!”

Rebeca Mauleón Pianist, Composer, Author

“A Treasure trove!”

Andy Garcia Actor, Director, Producer

“With this book Mary Kent hits right on the mark. The book is not only extremely informative
and insightful, but is also very entertaining. The photographs are beautiful and provide
a glimpse into the lives of these important artists. This gem is long overdue.”

Oscar Hernández Musician/Producer, Bandleader

“Mary has been able to capture the effervescent and multidimensional heart and soul of salsa. She has been around this business a long time, and this ambitious book project has been percolating for years: some things require a low simmer in order to achieve perfection. Her photography clearly tells of her deep, warm connection with her subjects—and the stories they tell offer us much more than just a glimpse into the motivation and identity of salsa's most revered stars. Here is a book that both aficionados and newcomers will benefit from. Highly recommended.”

Bruce Polin

“Author/photographer Mary Kent depicts the saga of salsa music via expressive photographs and an enlightening and articulate document that sets the scene for an elegant salsa opus. From Joe Cuba to Celia Cruz, Cheo Feliciano, to Marc Anthony, Kent touches on many of the luminaries that established this music as one of the most enduring expressions of Latin culture.”

Rudy Mangual Publisher/Editor Latin Beat Magazine

“During the short span of time that I have known Mary Kent, she has impressed me greatly
with her knowledge of the Latin Music scene and her well-tempered enthusiasm
for the music and everything that it represents. This is all very evident and present
in her wonderful book offering. She has managed, through interviews and first hand observations,
to capture the nuances and essences of our music scene. For all the fans of our music,
this is a must read. I enjoyed it very much and I'm sure you will also.”

José Madera Musical Director for Tito Puente

“Salsa Talks allows the reader to visualize the birth of salsa and the way it came to give
a voice to a generation of Latinos. The words of these musicians add another dimension
to this vibrant music making the familiar songs come alive with new meaning.”

Greg Landau Award-winning music/video Producer, Educator, Music Historian

What Is SalsaTalks!?

Salsa Talks, the new book by Mary Kent, is a celebration of salsa music. In their own words, singers, musicians and experts guide us around the spicy world of salsa. Salsa Talks chronicles the lives of over 40 salsa musical giants. Educational, historic, entertaining, touching... a legacy from the musicians to their fans. Learn about the most important unifying element of the Hispanic culture: its music. "A departure from the more straight-laced, historical or musicological fare." 300 photographs. Bibliography. Glossary. Index.

Copyright 2005, Salsa Talks, All Rights Reserved.